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Stay Informed about your Sligo locations

Sign up to receive targeted Sligo alerts for severe weather, planning activity, tide times, bathing water quality, property sales, water outages, and more. By adding your mapped location, you will only receive alerts for issues that impact your part of Co. Sligo.

Subscribe to alerts across many Sligo categories

Sligo planning applications
Sligo river sensors
Sligo tide heights
Sligo bathing water quality
Sligo severe weather
Sligo public consultations
Sligo property sales
Sligo drinking water issues
Other local alerts.

Timely alerts and updates

Alerts are always localised. This means you will only receive alerts for your part of Co. Sligo. You can add up to three "alert locations", so you can receive alerts for home, work and other family locations. You can view alerts on the Live Map service to get the full local picture for your part of Co. Sligo.

Easy-to-follow alert history

Sign up to a subscriber account for just €19 per year and you gain access to ALL website and service features. You can opt into as many alert categories as you like, and there are no hidden extras. You can view recent alert history on a dedicated feed to keep you up to date on all things Sligo! 

SMS Alerts for Sligo severe weather warning

Get an SMS text message alert for every Level Orange and Level Red warning issued by Met Eireann for Co. Sligo. You will received these important notifications as soon as soon as any severe weather warnings are issued for the county.

Unlimited email alerts and website updates

Subscriber accounts gain the huge benefit of receiving alerts as soon as they are published. You can receive an unlimited amount of emails during the year, and this ensures you will keep up to date, without any alert transaction costs. If you check your email on your phone, then Sligo Alerts will always keep you up to date. 

You can opt in or out of any of the alert categories available for Co. Sligo. Each email alert includes a "one click" opt out link. Therefore, if you want to stop getting alerts from a specific category then this is straightforward to manage from your email alert.  

Not bad for for just €19 per year. That's less than €2 a month!